• Synthetic Oil Change Coupons and Specials

Synthetic Oil Change Coupons and Specials

Not all motor engine oils are 100% petroleum. Synthetic oils, which are primarily chemically compounded lubricants, are also available. They can provide:

  • Higher viscosity stability over a wider temperature range
  • Reduced oil thickening
  • Reduced wear and increased load-carrying ability.

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Synthetic Oil Change Questions

A. Conventional motor oil is a refined crude oil product. Synthetic motor oil is a man-made product produced from a variety of highly engineered ingredients. Full synthetic oil offers the best lubrication, stability, viscosity retention, and sludge prevention. These features of synthetic oil translate to better gas mileage, smoother performance, and better protection against engine wear compared to conventional oil. Plus, vehicles that use synthetic oil usually have longer oil change intervals. That's more convenient for you and better for the environment.

Is synthetic oil right for your car? Learn more about the differences between conventional and synthetic oil.

A. In a 2017 study1 by AAA, full synthetic oil offered 47% more engine protection than conventional oil. Learn more about synthetic vs. conventional oil.

A. The benefits of synthetic oil outweigh the extra cost. AAA's 2017 study1 found that one synthetic oil change every 7,500 miles costs just $5 more per month than conventional oil, while outperforming conventional oil by 47%. Since better oil performance contributes to long-term engine health, synthetic oil is a great investment in the longevity of your vehicle.


A. When in doubt, a full synthetic oil change every 7,500 miles (or sooner, if your oil reminder activates) is a great rule of thumb. But check your vehicle's manual -- manufacturers today recommend oil change intervals ranging from 5,000 miles to a whopping 15,000 miles, depending on the vehicle. Today's longer oil change intervals assume you're using a type of oil that meets your vehicle's specifications -- a synthetic blend or better, in most cases. (Don't worry - Midas never uses engine oils below your vehicle specs.)

A. It's a myth that synthetic oil causes leaks. But the myth persists because it's based on an outdated fact. Back in the 1970s, synthetic oils did sometimes degrade engine seals made of certain materials. Today, synthetic oils help protect your seals.

Synthetic oil does not cause leaks, but you may notice an existing leak after your first synthetic oil change. That's because synthetic oil can clear away conventional oil build-up that was plugging an existing leak. So synthetic oil doesn't cause the leak -- it diagnoses it! It may be time for high mileage oil. It's designed to fill in those small gaps and prolong the life of your engine.

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Midas Oil Change Plus, Tire Rotation, Safety Check Combo (Synthetic Oil)
SYNTHETIC OIL - Includes up to 5 quarts of Oil and a new Oil Filter (some canister & special filters extra), free tire rotation, visual brake inspection and Hawaii State Safety Check Inspection. Other grades available at extra cost. Diesel vehicles extra, custom wheels and oversize tire rotation extra. *Most vehicles. Not valid with any other discount.

**Safety check can be redeemed separately from oil change/tire rotation- Offer good at all Oahu, Hilo & Kona Midas Shops only!
Price includes shop fees
$142.00 $126.49
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