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Mufflers and Exhaust - Auto Repair & Service

Midas takes pride in providing high-quality mufflers, pipes, and other exhaust components, including catalytic converters that meet stringent EPA and CARB requirements for pollution reduction.

We offer a full range of muffler and exhaust service options, from high performance mufflers and exhaust systems to our lifetime guaranteed mufflers*, as well as value-oriented replacement mufflers and systems.

* Lifetime Guarantee valid for as long as you own your car. See manager for limited guarantee terms.

Your car's exhaust system is crucial to your car's performance -- affecting safety, pollution and comfort. While the main purposes of the exhaust system are to condition and remove exhaust gases from the car and to reduce engine noise, several aspects of the system are designed specifically for their effect on the engine's performance.

Backpressure helps regulate the temperature of the engine's cylinders, making it run smoother. Too much backpressure, though, can cause the engine to lose power, stall, or even stop running.

A turbocharger adds power by improving the air intake into the cylinders. Conventional intake designs merely draw air into the cylinders; a turbocharged engine forces air at higher pressure into the cylinder, producing a more powerful combustion and increasing engine performance.

Midas is the undisputed global leader in quality exhaust system components.

We take pride in designing mufflers, pipes and other exhaust components peerless in the auto industry. Midas catalytic converters meet stringent EPA and CARB requirements for pollution reduction.

Expert Exhaust Specialists

Midas Exhaust System specialists have led the way in state-of-the-art, expert service utilizing top quality parts. They will inspect your entire exhaust system to their rigorous standards, promptly identify the problem, and give you a written estimate before they begin work.

Q: My car is older, so it seems to make more noise. How do I know when mufflers go bad?

A: Your car exhaust system is pretty complex. Excess noise could be from cracks or holes in manifolds or gaskets. On your muffler itself, excessive rust on a muffler, on holes in a muffler can cause a louder ride. Bad mufflers may also lead to increased pollution and even a rough idle. If you're not sure, stop by your local Midas to get it checked out.

Q: How do mufflers actually work? Are mufflers made of special sound-proof material?

A: Your exhaust system -- and mufflers in particular -- is very sophisticated. Technically, your muffler has baffled passages that the exhaust gases move through to muffle engine sound. But if you were to cut away your muffler, you'd find some tubes with holes in them. Sounds simple, but inside your muffler, these elements work together to have the sound waves hit one another to reduce the noise. Your muffler is actually a finely tuned instrument.

Q: Besides excess noise and rough idling, what are some other things I need to watch out for with my car's exhaust system?

A: Excessive rust or broken bolts could cause mufflers, pipes, and other parts of the exhaust system to hang dangerously low, resulting in a hazard for the people driving behind you. However, these aren't always things that can be easily assessed by just peeking underneath your car. As a rule, we recommend having your exhaust system inspected at least once a year.

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Mufflers & Exhaust Questions

A. A loud muffler and a dragging tailpipe may be classic comedy gold, but a damaged exhaust system is no joke. Broken or leaky exhaust parts can compromise your vehicle's engine performance, increase emissions, and even let toxic gasses into your cabin, undetected.

Midas services all parts of your vehicle's exhaust system:

  • Exhaust valve and piston: Engine parts that force exhaust fumes out from the combustion chamber (where they are created) to the exhaust manifold.
  • Exhaust manifold: The path from the piston to the catalytic converter. In or near this area, there will be one or more oxygen sensors.
  • Catalytic converter: Converts some toxins to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water for cleaner emissions -- though the exhaust is still poisonous in confined spaces (and CO2 is a greenhouse gas). More oxygen sensors may be located after the catalytic converter to help monitor its performance.
  • Exhaust pipe: Carries the cleaner exhaust gasses to the muffler.
  • Muffler: Reduces the noise of combustion and expulsion of exhaust.
  • Tailpipe: Where exhaust leaves your vehicle.


Exhaust Leaks

Dual Exhaust

Muffler Replacement and Repair with North America's Leader

A. A muffler is one component of a vehicle's exhaust system. Its job is to reduce the noises of engine combustion and evacuation of exhaust gasses. The entire exhaust system starts with your engine's exhaust valve and exhaust manifold and continues through a series of pipes to at least one catalytic converter, muffler, and tailpipe.

Dual exhaust systems may employ one or two catalytic converters and mufflers, depending on the configuration. Single exhaust systems are far more common and employ a single catalytic converter and muffler, occasionally featuring two tailpipes.

Find your local Midas and request an appointment today. Our Midas Auto Service Experts® take the time to thoroughly explain your muffler's condition and discuss the best muffler repair vs. replacement options for your budget. We provide a written estimate before working on your vehicle.

A. The simplest muffler replacement takes 30-60 minutes depending on your vehicle. Allow another hour or two if the mid-pipe or downpipe also needs service. These pipes can be difficult to reach, and may need to be replaced along with your muffler.

A. Here are some signs that your muffler needs service:

  • Louder exhaust sounds
  • Clunking from the muffler
  • Engine rattling or misfiring
  • Dangling or dragging tailpipe
  • Condensation from the exhaust pipe
  • An unusual exhaust smell

A. The lifespan of a muffler is traditionally estimated at 40,000-80,000 miles. But your muffler may fail sooner under harsh driving conditions like cold weather, corrosive road salt, and damage from road debris and potholes. You can help mitigate corrosion by frequently having your vehicle's undercarriage washed, and choosing a replacement muffler made of corrosion-resistant steel when the time comes.

A. A car with a broken muffler may or may not be safe to drive. Muffler damage often goes hand in hand with an exhaust leak -- a serious safety hazard. Carbon monoxide in your cabin can affect your driving ability and cause health problems before you realize it's there. Any problem with your exhaust system should be evaluated by a qualified mechanic.

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