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Midas Hawaii Car Air Quality Service - Ozone Treatment - KIlls Coronavirus (COVID-19)!

Our Ozone process kills 99.999% of pathogens in the & air destroys viruses, leaving breathable oxygen as its only by product. Including SARS, Coronavirus (COVID-19), and influenzas such as H5N1


Pets -- Spills -- Muskiness -Mold-Mildew-Germs-Bacteria-Virus.

Sometimes there is a problem of mold, mildew and bacteria in a vehicle's ventilation system that affects interior air quality.

Prevent new mold growth throughout the vehicles HVAC system and passenger cabin surfaces. Eliminate musty, moldy odors.

Consumers Are Concerned about their Health:

Micro-organisms such as mold spores are linked with many adverse health effects ranging from breathing difficulties to nervous system disorders.

Consumers Are Concerned about their Health

Drivers and passengers are spending much more time in vehicles; the associated symptoms and illnesses include:

  • breathing difficulties
  • fatigue
  • frequent headaches
  • infections
  • hypersensitivities
  • allergic reactions
  • cold symptoms
  • sinus congestion
  • pneumonitis
  • long-term ailments

Improve the air quality for you and your family

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