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  • Care Care Club Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. How do I schedule my free services?
    A. Once you become a member, you will be emailed a user name and password to get into the member's area where you can get more discounts, specials and schedule free services.
  • Q. What are some of the free services I get with my membership?
    • Free Alignment Check
    • Free Break Check
    • Free Courtesy Check (tires, fluid)
    • Free Flat Tire Repair (Midas Purchase Tires with Insurance)
    • More free services will be announced as the program evolves.
  • Q. Which plan is best for me?

    A. We package our membership plans around a typical car owner's annual oil change practices.

    • If you change your car oil once a year, then our silver plan is best. You may get the gold if you'd like us to also do your safety check each year.
    • If you change your car oil twice a year, then our platinum plan is best. This includes an annual safety check and is our most popular plan.
    • If you change your car oil more that twice a year we recommend our platinum plan. You will then be able to purchase additional oil changes at a discounted rate in our "member only" area.
    • If you'd like to only get access to our members's area where we have free services/offers, then our basic plan will work for you.
    • If you'd like to only get a safety check but also get access to our free services/offers, then our bronze plan will work for you.
    • IMPORTANT: Conventional Oil vs. Synthetic Oil. If you car requires synthetic oil blend, make sure you purchase our synthetic blend membership plan.
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